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Libraries and providers to use CouchDB features from .NET

This distribution includes the following projects:
- MachineKeyGenerator: Command line tool to generate a machine key string for use in App.Config and Web.Config files.
- CouchDB.NET: Library to facilitate the use of CouchDB features. It uses Hadi Hariri's EasyHttp library to communicate with the CouchDB server. More info at:
- CouchDb.ASP.NET: ASP.NET Membership Provider and ASP.NET Roles Provider for Couch DB. It allows you to use CouchDB as a backend for these Membership features of ASP.NET
- CouchDb.ASP.Net.Specs: Unit test project for the library. Based on SpecFlow and NUnit. You'll need both to run the tests. More info at: and I also recommend using TestDriven.Net to run the tests, available at:
- TestWebSite: ASP.NET MVC test web site to show the usage and configuration on a sample site.
- TestWebSitePopulation: Command line tool to create the objects needed for the TestWebSite.

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